CUR3D Features

CUR3D is the easiest repair software for 3D models

CUR3D is perfect for CAD models from architecture and all other 3D models on a 1: 1 scale that are to be additively manufactured on a smaller scale.

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CUR3D features at a glance

CUR3D is constantly being developed and improved. In 2015 it all started with a simple tool for architecture 3D models and has grown into a full-fledged tool for repairing 3D CAD data for 3D prints, which is particularly impressive because of its incomparably simple operation. Really anyone can use CUR3D and create waterproof 3D printable 3D models.

The following pictures show the features of CUR3D Professional.

Automatic preparation of the 3D model to any size

Screenshot: Automatische Vorbereitung des 3D-Modells auf jede Größe für den 3D-Druck mit CUR3D

Deviations from the desired scale can ruin all of 3D printing. This happens very often, especially when the 3D print is supposed to be smaller than the original data. Normally, 3D data, especially if they are not intended for 3D printing, have to be manually reworked or sometimes completely recreated before they can be 3D printed. That costs time and money.

If you use CUR3D, it doesn’t matter what the initial scale of the 3D model is. You no longer have to redraw 3D CAD data. The only thing you have to do is:

Load 3D model → set scale & wall thickness → save result

Thickening of walls

Every type of additive manufacturing requires a minimum wall thickness for 3D printing. This must already be correctly specified in the 3D model. If this value is not correct, the 3D CAD data must be corrected, which can be very time-consuming depending on the model.

With CUR3D you enter the wall thickness once and the rest happens automatically.

Screentshot: Aufdicken von Wänden für den 3D-Druck mit CUR3D

Correction of overlapping areas

Screentshot: Korrektur von überlappenden Flächen für den 3D-Druck mit CUR3D

A common careless mistake when creating a 3D model is accidentally creating surfaces that overlap.

CUR3D corrects that all by itself.

Correction of false norms

Every surface of a 3D model has a so-called viewing direction; quasi a visible outside and an invisible inside. Many 3D drawing programs do not display these because they are often only designed for the visualization of 3D models. Because the alignment of the normals is not important to these programs, the error is simply ignored. However, if the viewing direction is incorrect, the 3D printer will not print anything at this point. So there is a hole and all of the 3D printing is over.

CUR3D knows where inside and outside are and takes care of the correct alignment of the normals.

Screentshot: Korrektur falscher Normalen für den 3D-Druck mit CUR3D

Closing gaps and holes

Screenshot: Schliessen von Luecken und Loechern für den 3D-Druck mit CUR3D

Another popular careless mistake that creeps in when creating 3D models is accidentally creating gaps and holes. If these are smaller than the set minimum wall thickness, they are automatically closed. If not, our Boolean functions will help you close the gaps and holes. And if that doesn’t work either, our final analysis of the wall thickness will show you the problem. You can then manually correct the error in the 3D modeling tool of your choice. We are already working meticulously on an automated solution!

Here, too, CUR3D supports you with the appropriate features.

No matter which 3D printer and which resolution

Regardless of whether it is plastic extrusion, powder, liquid polymer or even metal:

CUR3D can be used with any 3D printer and any process in additive manufacturing.

Screentshot: Egal welcher 3D-Drucker für den 3D-Druck mit CUR3D

Get the most out of your printing space

Screenshot: Holen Sie mit CUR3D das Maximum aus Ihrem 3D-Druckraum

Thanks to the device management integrated in CUR3D, each 3D model is first prepared for the maximum of your 3D printing room.

CUR3D does this fully automatically.

Project management

Keep track of your projects that have required CUR3D. This feature will be expanded significantly in the future. But intelligent filter functions already help you to reconstruct processes.

Keep track of things with CUR3D.

Screenshot: Behalten Sie den Überblick über Ihre 3D-Druck-Projekte mit CUR3D

Object tree

Screenshot: 3D-Drucken Sie nur das, was Sie wirklich brauchen mit dem Objektbaum in CUR3D

Load entire 3D sceneries and 3D print only what you really want to see:

The object tree integrated in CUR3D lets you reduce a 3D model to what you really need to 3D print.

Full color prints

Monochrome was yesterday:

CUR3D supports full color 3D printing of certain file formats.

Screenshot: CUR3D kann auch Vollfarb-3D-Daten für den 3D-Druck reparieren

Wall thickness analysis

Screenshot: Wandstärkenanalyse mit CUR3D für den 3D-Druck

Our heatmap shows you where there is still potential for optimization:

The wall thickness analysis in CUR3D helps you to identify potential 3D printing sources of error.

It's the inner values that count: CUR3D makes them visible

Imagine being able to make a CT scan of your 3D model so that you can discover every minute detail and every error or see a preview of your 3D models in Explorer.

This is possible with the Cut Slider and the Explorer extension from CUR3D.

Screenshot: Auf die inneren Werte kommt es beim 3D-Druck oft an und CUR3D macht sie sichtbar

Device management

Screenshot: Erstellen Sie 3D-Drucker-Profile für den 3D-Druck mit CUR3D

We also thought about this here:

With CUR3D you can easily create device profiles and thus save time when setting up projects.


Your corporate design in CUR3D:

Adapt the color scheme of CUR3D entirely to your taste.

Screenshot: Theming von CUR3D für den 3D-Druck

aside from that

Cloud-free work

Your computer, your project and your data: we don’t want to know anything about it.

Our software is so fast because we optimized it for you. We get by without any online cloud solutions – apart from copy protection.

And if you want to provide us with data to improve our software, we recommend that you follow this link:

With CUR3D, your 3D data also remains your 3D data.

Commercially usable

Of course, you are free to use CUR3D (Professional and CURD Steam Edition with the Permission for commercial use DLC) commercially. Convince yourself and never again disappoint a customer if their data cannot be 3D printed from the outset.

CUR3D is the Money 3D Printing License.

Import formats

  • Import
    • STEP/STP
    • IGES/IGS
    • STL
    • PLY
    • 3DS
    • ASE
    • C4D
    • FBX
    • DAE
    • BLEND
    • OBJ
    • MS3D
    • IFC
    • LWO
    • LWS
    • AC
    • LXO
    • XGL
    • ZGL
    • GLTF
    • GLB
    • X
    • AMF
    • X3D
    • WRL

Export formats

  • Export
    • STL
    • PLY
    • WRL

Explorer extension

View certain 3D file formats directly in your Microsoft Windows * Explorer.

Low system requirements

Microsoft Windows 7 *, 64-bit system, 4 GB RAM, DirectX * 11 graphics card, approx. 150 MB available storage space, requires an internet connection; for copy protection

* Microsoft®, Windows®, Windows 7® and DirectX® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and / or other countries.

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