With CUR3D 3D printing is easier than ever

Now it’s 3D printable, because it’s CUR3D

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Every 3D model is 3D printable

Who actually thought that 3D printing (or additive manufacturing, as it is correctly called) had to be complicated?
In most cases, 3D printing fails because a 3D model is not intended for 3D printing or because the tools – to make a 3D model 3D printable – require a degree in mechanical engineering in order to to be easy and understandable to use.

Other software for repairing 3D data is extremely expensive, slow, unreliable or – as mentioned – far too complicated. And online tools are only interested in your (customer-) data anyway, which you are certainly not allowed, cannot or do not want to give out.

At some point everyone thinks: “I just want to 3D print. Printing is just as easy on paper.”

Why is that?

In additive manufacturing there are quite a few adjusting screws where small and large errors can creep in. Some of these relate to the choice of 3D printing material or printer, temperature setting or extrusion speed. Others directly affect the selected 3D model that is to be 3D printed:

Wrong scale

Above all, the scale of the 3D CAD data plays an important role. If this is too big and the model has to be reduced first, the walls of the model can become so thin that the 3D printer can no longer 3D print them.

Holes in the walls

In many cases, a 3D model has to be “waterproof”, i.e. a closed body. If, on the other hand, there are holes, even if only tiny, in the CAD data, the 3D printing result can deviate significantly from the desired result.

Wrong normals

Now it’s getting technical: every surface of a 3D model has an orientation; a line of sight, so to speak. If this is not the case, the 3D CAD data cannot be printed. The slicer and ultimately the 3D printer simply leave out corresponding areas.

Overlapping faces

This can also lead to unprintability: Neither a slicer nor the 3D printer can interpret surfaces that overlap. In the worst case, the entire 3D model collapses or incorrect results arise in this area.

In all of these cases, the 3D model must either be meticulously checked and corrected manually or – in the worst case – completely redrawn. That costs time, nerves and above all – in the commercial case – money. 3D printing service providers – understandably – either pay dearly for this work or do not even accept your order after the feasibility study, since corrections, machine failures and multiple runs are an expensive undertaking for them.

We have the solution: CUR3D - the 3D printing prepress

CUR3D (spoken: kjʋəd; also “cured”) makes 3D printing as easy as printing on a sheet of white paper.

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CUR3D in a nutshell

CUR3D is the 3D repair software for all 3D models: It is the first real 3D printing prepress, makes everything – even 1:1 CAD data – 3D printable on any scale and thus revolutionizes the work with 3D printers .

No matter what type of 3D models you want to print, CUR3D will revolutionize and, above all, accelerate your work with 3D printers. Now you can concentrate on the essentials and CUR3D will do the rest. In this way, a high level of productivity, quality gain, cost and time savings are achieved.

„Now it’s 3D printable, because it’s CUR3D!“

CUR3D is indispensable 3D repair software for everyone

Regardless of whether you are a manufacturing company, 3D printing service provider, architect, large-scale system builder, automobile manufacturer, orthotic or prosthesis manufacturer or an ambitious maker: CUR3D offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio, breathtaking speed and is an absolute must, even if you do not have a department in your company for have additive manufacturing, but rather work with external 3D printing service providers.


We also offer individual solutions, such as licenses for use in schools, the use of our technology in your tools and tool chains, and CUR3D as an advertising platform for your 3D printing services.

But that is not all

We also offer individual solutions, such as licenses for use in school facilities, the use of our technology in your tools and tool chains, and CUR3D as an advertising platform for your 3D printing services.

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